UK lottery hared for the sixth time in a row

UK Lottery

The big UK Lottery News is that the weekend Lotto draw has been shared for the sixth time in a row. The Jackpot was 4.7 million pounds. It was a part of the total Jackpot prize money distributed which was to the tune of 14 million pounds. None of the winners are complaining despite having to share, this is the general opinion in the UK Lottery News. Each one of the two winners got 2.3 million pounds. They certainly are not crying instead they and are laughing all the way to the bank.

It has also been confirmed in the UK Lottery News that four people shared the category of five and the bonus. Those guys are also not having any problems with the sharing for each one of them has won a cool 367,536 pounds. That is enough money to make a brand new start and have a secure lifetime.

The coming lottery draw is on Wednesday and again, it is big in prize money. The jackpot is in the range of 2.4 million pounds. Even if it is shared mid week still that is a lot of money to go around, it is felt by people checking out the UK Lottery News. Sharing is caring seems to be the new motto and everyone reading he UK Lottery News is giving a thumbs up.


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