Elderly couple claim loot six days late

It is simply amazing how fortune can knock on your door and one miss hearing the it. This is what happened to an old couple in Swillington, Leeds when they caught news of their windfall while they were cleaning up in a Men’s  sports club instead of hiring someone to do (with their new found status,) their dirty work.

The couple was stuck at home when floods attacked them. They had to call their daughter to give them a lift to the club and when they got there, they discovered the roof had been leaking. Being the responsible citizens they are, they got busy and rolled up their sleeves. Mrs.Palmer, the director and president of the swillington Miners Sports Club explained that when they got to the club, there was water pouring in from the ceiling and the light bulb fuses had blown. She was bent on getting the job done although they did not know that somewhere there was a cool £2,102,992 waiting be taken home by them.

Robin and Lesley Palmer did not check their lotto ticket six days after cracking the jackpot on the 9th of June.

62 year old Mrs Palmer found out that they had won the prize after dreaming that they had become millionaires. The couple have been using the same random numbers since 1994 and played five lines each week. A lesson to those out there who wants to give up on playing.

Asked on how they were going to spend the cash, they were going to get themselves a new car, a nice retreat and renovating their house. If you ask me, I would that say they deserve it.



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