Indiana Lottery News – Mega Millions Jackpot is growing to $ 308 millions

Indiana Lottery

Indiana Lottery News can’t get bigger than this. The Mega Millions Jackpot, which is an interstate lottery in Indiana, has increased its winning amount to $312 million from a $304 million. Indiana lottery is only to go to grow its prize money till it ceases to exist. Last month saw the distribution of 900 free tickets of the Mega Million jackpot. Indiana Lottery News states that the chances of winning are 1 in 176 million. There is however a high chance of winning in the other varieties of Mega Million lottery and the chances are as high as 1 in 40.

This Mega million jackpot is growing with each passing day claims the Indiana Lottery News. If a winner is not declared this week it could be the biggest jackpot in the history of the lottery world. Another spectacular bit of news is that the cost of this lottery ticket is $1. This interstate lottery has 30 states all over Indiana participating and prior to the result all the websites get jammed with players logging in to know if they hit the jackpot. The results are declared every Friday at 11 pm. Indiana Lottery is without a doubt selling in millions.


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