Man in court for stealing lottery ticket

Lottery ticket

Winning the lottery is the dream of most lottery players. So, what will you do if someone you trust goes behind your back and cashes in the lottery ticket that legally belongs to you? This is exactly what happened to Jose Antonio Cua-Toc, Guatemala immigrant in the United States. Jose got lucky and won cool $750,000 in the Georgia lottery.

At the time of the winning, he was working as a laborer for Erick Cervantes. Jose accused Erick of stealing the lottery ticket and in the due process, the police got involved. This was a bad for Jose as he was an illegal immigrant. After further interrogation, Jose was charged with terrorism and this lead him to serving a jail term.

Erick took full advantage of this situation and cashed in the lottery ticket. So while Jose was doing time in prison Erick embraced a lavish lifestyle and spent the lottery more than $220,000 of the Jose lottery money. Jose could not take this anymore and he filed an official suit against Erick. Jose claimed that Erick swindled him off in deceit that he would help him cash in the lottery winnings.

Jose had given Erick the lottery ticket, as he feared that since he was an illegal immigrant, the Georgia Lottery might have forward the case to the police and this might lead to his arrest. Erick had agreed to this agreement but soon afterward kept all the lottery winnings to himself.

As evidence, Jose forwarded a footage from a lottery agent showing him and his girlfriend in celebrations after finding out of their newly found fortune. The judge ruled in the favor of Jose as he had sufficiently proved that he was indeed the owner of the lottery ticket.

Erick was ordered to pay back the lottery winnings and in addition to this pay $230,000 in lawyer fees and punitive damages. This is a classic case of justice being served!




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