Massive EuroMillions jackpot won on Good Friday

EuroMillions jackpot

Players were anxiously waiting for the EuroMillions draw last week, because the jackpot was expected to exceed £100 million pounds. As a result of more players purchasing lottery tickets on Good Friday, the final value of the EuroMillions jackpot climbed to £112,017,541 and the winning ticket was bought in France. The winning numbers were 13, 30, 43, 44, 46 and the Lucky Stars 05 and 09, with more than 4 million players claiming lower tier prizes. The jackpot was reset at £15 million for the Tuesday draw and with nobody winning the main prize, it was rolled over and the next lucky winner can expect to grab over £15 million.

A profitable weekend for British players

Despite the fact that the EuroMillions jackpot was scooped by a French player, British ones had their share of good fortune with two of them winning the second tier prize. The amount was only £4000 shy of £400K and five players were winners in this category, with another one, also from the United Kingdom, winning the Lotto game. He matched the 08, 15, 24, 40, 43, 45 numbers and the bonus ball 33 and won slightly more than £4 million, and another 437,000 tickets won amounts that ranged from £10 to £110,079.

Players from the United Kingdom also competed in the Millionaire Raffle and the one who had the MKY294628 series inscribed on his ticket won £1,000,000. To say that the Easter weekend was a profitable one for British players would be an understatement, but there are good reasons for them to look forward for the next EuroMillions draw. As a result of someone winning the jackpot, it was reset to the standard £15 million amount but Tuesday draw moved less lucky for players and the prize was rolled over

£21 Million Jackpot and climbing

It took consecutive weeks without the winner for the jackpot to reach a value of more than 100,000,000 pounds, and now the rolling over begins anew. Nobody won the Tuesday draw so the jackpot was increased to £21 million and it is expected to rise even further before the Friday draw. It is known that whenever the jackpot is won after a long streak of windless draws, the players’ enthusiasm dwindles and the number of sold tickets decreases. Interesting enough, this didn’t happen on Tuesday and this suggests that the estimates could be once again exceeded with the next jackpot climbing above 25 million.

Those who fail to win the main prize on Tuesday should compare their numbers against the winning ones, because there were a total of 1.7 million lower tier prizes. Those who matched only five numbers and one lucky star won £361,988 while those who failed to correctly predict any Lucky Star were still awarded a consolation prize worth £24,132.

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