New York lottery made new millionaires this weekend

New York lottery

This was truly a great weekend for New York Lottery players, as the officials announced the names of those who have secured a prize of at least $1 million. Even though some of the winners will end up receiving a bit over $600,000 after taxation, they will still have more than enough to fulfill all of their dreams this spring. Most of the prizes were won by players who were chasing the huge Powerball jackpot and had to settle for lower tier awards, but scratch cards were also particularly lucky last week.

Lucky number seven

To say that Angela Williams has an affinity for number seven would be an understatement, as she comes from a family with seven children. Her mother also had six more brothers and sisters, so it comes as no surprise that she chose to scratch off this number when purchasing two “Instant Jackpot” tickets for five dollars each. One can only imagine her surprise and happiness when she realized that behind her lucky number laid $1 million, and she chose to receive the annuity worth slightly above $30,000 per year.

$2500 per month might not be a life-changing sum, but the moral comfort provided by the steady income guaranteed for 20 years is not to be dismissed. Angela intends to take things one step at a time and contemplates the possibility of acquiring a small and rather inexpensive house in the upcoming months. The same down to earth attitude was shown by Robert Antar who won the same amount after buying his wife a Valentine’s Day. At 69 years old, the physician will be more than happy to receive the lump payment worth $623,000 that will enable him to enjoy a peaceful and happy retirement.

Sharing is caring

Although the annuity payments won’t enable her to spend lavishly, Angela Williams intends to spend a part of the prize on gifts. The beneficiaries will be her nephews and nieces who already regard her as their favorite aunt, but now will be provided with plenty of reasons to like her even more. Irma Diaz and Nilda Rodriguez have known each other since they were young and given the fact that they’ve purchased the winning lottery ticket together, they would be more than glad to split the amount. They might not be millionaires after dividing the prize, but this won’t make them any less happy with the outcome.

Yu Zhu was born and raised in Shanghai but moving to Queens proved to be an inspired decision as he also won in excess of $600,000 after taxation. This money will empower him to bring his family to New York and buy a house in the state so they can all live together. Last but not least, New York lottery officials announced that Michael Simmons also won $1 million, with the lucky contractor stopping in Bronx to acquire a lottery ticket.

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