No Euromillions jackpot winner, but 7 lucky ticket holders become millionaires


As the Euromillions draw on Tuesday 7th august revealed no jackpot winners the prize cap remains the same for the draw this Friday the 10th of August. May lottery players will have their fingers crossed hopping to take the jackpot home. The Jackpot still stands at £190 Million which after taxes will be still be an impressive £148 Million.

However on Tuesday night still saw seven lucky ticket holders win millions for matching 5 numbers and one lucky star. Another 21 ticket holders matched four numbers and managed to take home just slightly over £40,000.

As the lottery continues to gain momentum and the Olympic Games move forward, Prime Minister James Cameron has applauded the work of the British Olympic team saying that they have given Britons a summer to remember and made the country proud. He was present at the stadium on Saturday night and watched Britain win three Gold medals. He applauded the national lottery for supporting the games and said the lottery should be encouraged to continue with its good work.

Since the draw held on 27th July announcing the 100 Millionaires 92 have come forward to claim their prize. The most recent millionaire though is a mystery man from Gloucester who wants to remain anonymous. He played online or via text message and has already banked his winnings.  This is one of the advantages of playing the lottery interactively as you get a notification if you have won and no hassle of ques. So buy your tickets in preparation for Friday nights draw and good luck.



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