Record Powerball jackpot won by Florida resident!

Record Powerball Jackpot

When the price of a Powerball lottery ticket was increased from one dollar to two, many players argued that this is a sign of greed. Some predicted that the lottery ticket sales will plummet and the lottery will suffer, but they failed to factor in one essential detail. Due to the fact that the price of a ticket was doubled, the prizes increased at a frantic pace and a record Powerball jackpot was won in November. A Florida resident beats it by roughly 2 millions winning a massive amount of $590.5 million.

One player wins record Powerball jackpot

The previous prize was split between two players, which makes it even more exciting that this time it will be a single player to enjoy the $590 million. This prize is subject to taxation and if the winner will settle for the lump payment he or she will only receive slightly more than $300 million. The amount is gargantuan and regardless of the manner in which the winner decides for the price to be paid, this money should last a lifetime. Few details have transpired in the media about the identity of the winner, with the only certainty being the fact that the winning ticket was bought at a Publix supermarket.

This means that a Zephyrhills resident is the latest Powerball winner making it the sixth player from Florida to win a massive amount. The identity is yet to be revealed and it is uncertain whether the winner has already stepped forward to claim the prize or is waiting for the media attention to diminish. The winning numbers were 10, 13, 14, 22, 52 and the Powerball was 11, while earlier estimates put the record Powerball jackpot at $600 million. In the end the winner will receive 10 million less but the difference is negligible and now the main prize will be reset at $40 million.

A record number of souls tickets

Whenever a record Powerball jackpot is announced the number of players who rushed to convenience stores and gas stations for purchasing tickets increases. This is exactly what happened this time because even though the chances to win are just one in 175 million, Powerball enthusiasts were not intimidated. At the end of the day, they are only asked to pay two dollars for a chance to change their lives completely overnight, which makes this slight investment worth making.

43 states and the District of Columbia allow their residence to purchase Powerball tickets and California is buzzing with enthusiasm as this is the last state to join the network. In some areas, Powerball players had their own queue at convenience stores given the fact that most of those who entered were interested in purchasing lottery tickets. It is only a matter of time until the current record will be shattered once again and the psychological threshold of $600 million will eventually be surpassed.

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