Time is running out for lottery winner

Lottery winner

The difference between being a regular Joe and a millionaire can sometimes be reduced to whether you choose to cash in your prize or not. This is how simple things are right now for someone who added his or her name next to the tens of thousands of lottery winners, but so far has failed to claim the money. Time is really of the essence because the $1 million needs to be collected no later than March 17, otherwise it will be returned to the lottery.

St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle ticket unclaimed

It is a well known fact that whenever St. Patrick’s Day draws near, the number of people who feel that their luck has suddenly turned Irish is on the rise. The natural result is a steep increase in the number of purchased tickets and the lotteries are boosting their prize pools to attract even more players. It is a cycle that repeats itself year after year and it comes as no surprise that this is the time when a higher number of lottery winners are created. Someone was probably driven by this encouraging thought last year and bought the St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle ticket and he scooped the jackpot.

Winning the main prize is not something that happens every day and most lottery winners confess that they didn’t set their hopes too high. This is what probably happened to this player who placed the ticket in a place that he considered to be safe, but forgot about it completely. There are of course other scenarios that can be contemplated by those who fancy conspiracy theories, but losing or misplacing the ticket is widely regarded as the leading cause of unclaimed lottery tickets.

Lottery officials scramble to unveil winner

There are very few things that the officials can do to help the one who won the jackpot find the ticket, but what they can do is to encourage all players to double their efforts. Lottery winners have responded in the past to such appeals and sometimes the money was claimed on the very last day, but in most cases the cash was left unclaimed. The winning ticket has the 413224 number so anyone who might find a long lost ticket in his house or car, should compare it against the one inscribed on the ticket.

Time is literally running out and with March 17 at midnight being the deadline for claiming the jackpot, the lottery winner needs to hurry. Since the money exceeds the value of $600 it can’t be claimed at a regular lottery location and the one who has the ticket will need to travel to one of the five selected lottery locations. These are Des Plaines, Rockford, Springfield, Fairview Heights and of course Chicago.

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