British player wins massive EuroMillions jackpot

EuroMillions jackpot

British players have twice as many chances to win each time the EuroMillions draw is held, because they can purchase tickets for the Millionaires Raffle as well. While this would explain why more players from the island join the club of millionaires, there is no obvious reason for why most of the EuroMillions jackpot winners are British. Last week, an unnamed Briton won £81 million, one of the largest prize ever to be awarded by this lottery open to several European countries.

EuroMillions jackpot grants entrance to top 1000

Although it is not yet certain whether a male or female won the EuroMillions jackpot, this amount puts him or her among the top 1000 wealthiest people in Great Britain. If the Sunday Times Rich List 2012 is accurate, the latest winner will enter the top on the 908th position, ahead of Adele and slightly behind Brian May. These statistics are exciting for lottery enthusiasts and act as a catalyst for more tickets to be sold, with the best proof being the record number of tickets sold for the aforesaid draw.

Although this EuroMillions jackpot is staggering, it is not even close to the prize won two years ago by Chris and Colin Weir. These two winners also reside in the United Kingdom and they won twice as much, and they have put those £161 million to good use. The Weirs changed their lives completely, but didn’t forget about the less fortunate and have established a charitable trust of £5 million. Only time will tell whether the latest winner will walk down the same path or prove to be more selfish, for the time being his peers are simply waiting for the winner’s identity to be revealed.

The sixth largest EuroMillions jackpot ever

To put things into perspective, it is important to mention that this current prize is the sixth ever awarded by the prestigious lottery. It comes just 3.4 million shy of tying the fifth-place, proudly held by an anonymous winner who scooped the breathtaking amount back in May 2010. Unlike some of its American counterparts, the EuroMillions allow winners to stay anonymous if they choose so. Many agree that this is the best choice for those who win huge amounts, because otherwise they risk being chased by the media and overwhelmed with charitable requests.

The five numbers that made the latest millionaire are 8, 13, 26, 34, 38 with the Lucky Stars being 3 and 11, and many players hit the second-tier combination. While these winners will most likely put a sizable part of their prized in a savings account while covering outstanding debts and splashing out a bit, the EuroMillions jackpot won’t have to worry about money. He or she can enjoy the best things in life without thinking about what the next day might bring financially.

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