Coworkers choose to share lottery prize with a new colleague

Lottery prize

Lottery syndicates are particularly popular among people who share an office, and many coworkers prefer to pool money together and buy tickets than to play lottery games individually. Statistics prove that this type of association is beneficial on multiple levels, as people pay less for lottery tickets while increasing their chances to win. An uplifting story comes from Florida where 12 colleagues working at Keller Williams Partner Realty in Plantation chose to share their lottery prize with a new colleague.

Another lottery syndicate winning big

The 12 people have been working together for enough time to trust each other and since they were all lottery players, it made perfect sense to set up a syndicate. Each weekday they would pool money together and purchase a couple of tickets, and they invited their new colleague to join and pitch $20 for the upcoming Powerball draw. Jennifer Maldonado politely declined the invitation, as she was new to the job and didn’t get the chance to cash in on her first salary.

Her decision was based on financial scarcity and she confessed that she was watching her pennies and found the $20 investment as excessive. The next day when her colleagues returned to work cheering and talking about how their perseverance finally paid off, she initially thought that they were joking. It took her a while to believe that her coworkers won $1 million and it is very likely that regrets overwhelmed her. Fortunately for Jennifer, her colleagues didn’t let her dwell on depression and promptly offered to share the prize with her despite the fact that she didn’t make a contribution towards buying tickets.

Faith in humanity restored

The total amount of $1 million will be divided into 13 equal parts and Jennifer Maldonado will receive an amount that slightly exceeds $83,000. Those sharing the office with her said that it was always their intention to play as a team and split the money, so that everyone could bask in the same feeling of joy. They have no intention of increasing their share of a few thousand dollars while stripping their new colleague of an amount that would make her happy. At the end of the day, it is more important for them to strengthen the ties binding the team than to collect slightly more money.

It is refreshing to know that there are still people out there who prefer to do the right thing than to selfishly chase their best interest until the bitter end. Jennifer Maldonado was not entitled to a part of the money, but by sharing the prize with her anyway, her colleagues made a powerful statement and gave others an example worth following. Their gesture might serve as an incentive for other coworkers to set up a lottery syndicate and act in the same generous manner if they eventually strike lucky.


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