Mega Millions players in for a $65 Million Draw

A whopping $65 million will be up for grabs in the midweek mega Millions lottery draw. The staggering jackpot prize holds the first spot on the list of the forthcoming lottery draw. The next juicy lottery draw is that of the Powerball lottery which currently stands at $40,000,000. The next Powerball lottery draw is slated for Wednesday.

Lottery players can beat the lottery queues by purchasing their lottery tickets online.

Onto other news, the results from the weekend’s UK lotto draw are in.  If you bought your ticket, then check it up against these results. You never know, you could be the next millionaire sitting on your fortune.

The following results will show the outcomes of the Saturday lotto draw.  Balls numbered 1 to 9 are white, balls 10 to 19 display as blue, numbers 20 through 29 are pink, 30 to 39 green, and 40 through 49 are yellow balls. So, get your ticket and start checking out these numbers.

The following numbers had the jackpot riding on them, 3, 25,28,30,39 and 45 with 3 riding as the bonus ball. The total jackpot was valued at £4,216,914.

In total, two tickets managed to scoop the jackpot, with a further 6 matching five numbers plus the bonus ball sharing the loot of £216,252. 365 tickets matched 5 balls without the bonus ball to collect a handsome £2,221.

A sum total of 24,181 tickets managed to match 4 balls to gather £73, And further 481,267 managed to match 3 balls in order to collect the £10 consolation prize.


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