Superstitious couple wins the UK Lottery

UK Lottery

Many lottery players are superstitious and this influences the manner in which they select the numbers they play, with most of them being reluctant to use Quick Pick numbers. A Cumbrian couple, had a different type of superstition as they’ve put their faith in an ornamental scarab beetle that they’ve purchased while on a vacation to Egypt. Whether the scarab acted as a lucky charm or not, what is certain is that they won the £400,000 Lotto jackpot in the UK Lottery.

A priceless artifact for the Birbecks

When they travel to Egypt to visit the pyramids and spend some quality time on the sunny shores of northern Africa, they were presented with an ornamental scarab. The vendor told him that this tiny beetle will bring them good fortune, but then again this is a very common line among people who sell stuff near holiday resorts. When Stephen and Tracy Birbech returned home, they completely forgot about the scarab and put it away in some storage box.

By mere chance, Stephen stumbled upon the ornamental beetle while looking for something else through those boxes and remembered what the vendor told him back in Egypt. The next day he bought the ticket for the UK Lottery, right on time because the acquisition was postponed several times due to hectic schedules. At the time he bought the tickets, he had the allegedly lucky beetle on him and that’s why the Cumbrian couple is now convinced that it was the tiny charm that made them rich virtually overnight.

The best Saturday night surprise

Having both the lottery tickets and the lucky beetle on him, Stephen and his wife invited some good friends over for what was supposed to be a fun Saturday night. At one point, he remembers about the UK Lottery and compared his numbers against the winning ones and he was stunned to discover that his ticket was a winner. Initially, the two of them thought that they won £10 but then realized that they’ve hit all numbers and expected the Camelot operator to confirm an amount as high as £20,000.

He needed to ask her for confirmation after the operator told him that the two of them were the lucky winners of almost £400,000. Overwhelmed by joy, they seem to agree that the ornamental scarab beetle was the lucky charm responsible for putting an end to all their financial struggles. They were trying to renovate their home and expected the entire process to last more than a decade, but now they are confident to get the job done by the end of the year. With the money won in the UK Lottery, the Birbecks plan on purchasing two cars, a BMW 3 series and a Mercedes.

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