World Lottery News – Texas Lottery starts Green Ball promo

Texas Lottery

World Lottery News has confirmed the fact that Texas Lottery is bringing the Pick 3 Green Ball promo back with a bang. The offer is that the top 3 players stand a chance to increase the winning amount by 20 percent. This special promo will last till 30th April only. World Lottery News is thrilled to declare that the cost of these three tickets is not exorbitant and is as affordable as the normal lottery tickets. There will be 5 white balls and a single green ball placed in the drawing machine. This machine will choose and pick a ball randomly.

World Lottery News states that if a green ball is picked in the first go the pick 3 prizes is increased by 20 percent and the machine is reloaded again for the next pick. However, if a white ball is picked, it is removed so that the chances of drawing a green ball raises at the next pick. The probability of picking the green ball depends on the number of total white balls present in the machine. The stakes of Pick 3 range from 1 to 167 to 1 in 1000. The promo is sure to gather players in large numbers.


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