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Okay, my name is Jeremy and you can find me on Google+. I`m here to write about the lottery. You may ask, why lottery? Everything is simple - life is the lottery! It`s a pretty interesting stuff to write about. Some people win, some people lose, but no one loses the hope. Here you can find everything you wanted to know about the lottery. Almost all world's lotteries are gathered in one place. So, join us and let`s try our luck together!

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Two tickets match the UK Lotto winning numbers

After the roll over from the UK lotto Saturday’s draw, lottery player had their fingers crossed and were hoping that this time round a ticket will match yesterday’s UK lotto winning numbers. Well, there prayers were answered and not one but two tickets matched the winning numbers from the Wednesday’s draw. This means that each […]

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Jackpot Winner Charged with Welfare Fraud

Winning the lottery is often the end of financial constraints to the jackpot winners. Most winners decide to quit their job, invest the money and live from the returns of their investments. In a strange twist, a lottery winner who won a million dollars on a game show but still depended on welfare support for […]

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Lottery Winners Cripple Corby Town Bus Service

In a classic tale of from grass to grace, a syndicate composing of 12 bus drivers won a whooping £38 million from the EuroMillions lottery. This was probably the best thing that happened in their lives. Shifting from a £17,000 a year job to a millionaire lifestyle is not a daily occurrence. However, their luck […]

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Irish Lotto Winning Numbers

Irish Lotto Winning Numbers The Irish lotto winning numbers from the Wednesday, April 11 were 7, 26, 31, 33, 42, 4 while the bonus ball number drawn was 39.No lotto player matched all the winning numbers and hence no one won the €3,192,654. This will see the current jackpot prize roll over to €4 million. […]

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Irish man celebrates €50,000 EuroMillions Lottery win

An Irish Lottery player from Athea yesterday went to sleep happy after winning €50,000 in the Euro Millions lottery. Thomas O’Mahony matched five of the winning numbers in last Friday’s EuroMillions draw. Thomas is the third player from Ireland to win a prize in the EuroMillions lottery. Before Thomas winning, Susan Bailey from Garryowen won […]

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UK National Lotto Winning Numbers

Yesterday’s UK National lotto winning numbers were 12, 16, 23, 25, 31, 42 while the bonus number was 18. Camelot officials estimated the UK National lotto jackpot to be £6.35 million. Three tickets matched the winning numbers and each won a jackpot prize of £2,117,426. Eighteen tickets matched five of the winning numbers plus the […]

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Lottery Players Eager for the $500 Million Mega Millions Draw

Lottery players are eagerly waiting for the historic $500 Million Mega Millions draw. Never in the history of lotteries has any lottery game offered such an amount.  Such a jackpot was expected after previous $356 Million draw did not yield any jackpot winner. A series of rollovers has culminated to the a half a billion […]

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Powerball $70 Million Jackpot Ticket Sold In New Jersey

New Jersey is home to the latest lottery millionaire courtesy of the Powerball Lottery. Therefore, if you bought your ticket in New Jersey you better counter check your ticket numbers, as you may be the lucky Powerball winner. So far, no lottery player has come forward to claim the lottery prize. The Powerball Lottery website […]

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Couple wins $100,000 Canada Lotto 6/49 Prize

A couple from Barrington is the latest winner of the Lotto 6/49. The lady of the house Carol, got to know of the this while doing some light shopping at a local shopping mart. The news of her winning took her back as she had no expectation that they would win such an amount from […]

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Mysterious 336 million Dollars Powerball Winner yet to claim the prize

I bet there is disbelief written all over your face while reading the title. Apparently, a lottery player out there is yet to check his/her Powerball lottery ticket. A Super Market in New Port was the lottery ticket vendor that sold the winning ticket. At the time of writing this news article, nobody had shown […]

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