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Okay, my name is Jeremy and you can find me on Google+. I`m here to write about the lottery. You may ask, why lottery? Everything is simple - life is the lottery! It`s a pretty interesting stuff to write about. Some people win, some people lose, but no one loses the hope. Here you can find everything you wanted to know about the lottery. Almost all world's lotteries are gathered in one place. So, join us and let`s try our luck together!

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Powerball lottery jackpot prize soars to greater heights

The Powerball jackpot by the next draw this Wednesday will be at $305million. This staggering amount puts this jackpot at number 15 on the United States charts as the 15th highest Powerball jackpot. The jackpot rolled over Saturday night when none of the players matched any of the winning numbers or Powerball number 1. This […]

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Player finally scoops Euromillions Lottery jackpot prize

Lottery players worldwide have been abuzz with excitement around the Friday nights draw of the Euromillions jackpot that stood at £190 million.  The draw came hot on the heels of the midweek lotto which has had its jackpot won for the fourth time in a row. The jackpot winner took home a little over £ […]

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Top Charities to raise funds through the Lottery

This past week has seen mixed reactions as the Euromillions jackpot rolled over once again. None of the ticket holders were able to match the requisite numbers to win the jackpot. However the UK Lotto’s first draw of the month held on Wednesday night saw one lucky ticket holder win the jackpot of slightly over […]

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Weekend of good news for lottery players

This past weekend was loaded with the much anticipated results for the Euromillions jackpot and 100 Millionaires raffle. Although no one won the £110/€141 million Jackpot energy and excitement was still high as 100 millionaires were announced. As anticipated record ticket sales were registered with a majority of tickets being bought online. This just means […]

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The Euromillions lottery makes 35 lotto players millionaires overnight

Friday Night saw a very special Euromillions draw take place with an impressive rollover jackpot on offer to be won and also the Millionaire Raffle (additional EuroMillions game played in the UK) offering 100 £1 million prizes. 35 millionaires have come forward and a further 65 millionaires are anticipated to come forward to claim their […]

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Remarkable fiscal year for Colorado Lottery game

This year has been remarkably good for the Colorado lottery.  Since 1 July 2011 up to the end of the fiscal year June 30 the company has purchase of the tickets has been $ 545 million, said the lottery director Abel Tapai. “We had quite a good year,” Tapai said to the lottery commission. The […]

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Iowa Lottery releases names of Jackpot winner

Finally, the anonymous names of the 20 Iowa Powerball players have been released. The Powerball winners had suggested for their identities to be hidden but finally its out. This had been the case, and for the last month, this was hidden to public. Last month the shipping workers who had their jobs at Cedar Rapids […]

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Electric engineer scoops $50 million OLG lottery jackpot prize

Finally, the unclaimed lottery prize in the last draw has now been won in Toronto. The jackpot worth $ 50 million was claimed on Friday. A 34 year old electrical engineer from Toronto was the victorious individual. Timothy Schell realizes lucky contestant  he was the contestant and visited the OLG headquarters to claim his check. […]

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Euromillions Jackpot prize remains unclaimed

Euromillions lottery officials report that a £63.8 million jackpot prize is yet to be collected nearly a month after it was won. The Jackpot prize is from a June 8 Euromillions lottery draw and to date none has stepped forward to claim the juicy lottery prize. Sales records from the Euromillions lottery agent reveal that […]

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$1 million scooped in the Illinois Lottery

The will to go on and on finally paid off to a man from Joliet with an affinity towards scratch off lotteries. 55 year old Cleodora Miers was shopping inside the Gardner Food Mart in Joliet and as usual, walked out with his 10 $ instant cash Spectacular game card. Little did he know that […]

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