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Hi, my name is Marry and you can find me on Google+. I`m a little bit crazy about the lottery and writing about it is my real vocation. The lottery is a cool thing and I don`t share the opinion that it`s a tax on the poor. Look around, the world is full of chances. Why don`t you get yours right now? All you need to do is to read our recommendations and to start playing lottery online. Good luck!

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Latest EuroJackpot millionaire is Finnish

The most recent EuroJackpot winner comes from Finland and for his achievements of matching all the winning numbers, he scooped a prize of €21.3 million. Ever since this lottery was introduced in Finland, the number of players rose and it is now a serious rival of the more popular EuroMillions lottery. Right now, the jackpots […]

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Winning Spanish lottery ticket lost in the outlet

Whenever a winning lottery ticket is about to expire, both the media and lottery officials do their best to find the winner. What happens in most cases is that these people completely forget to check the numbers and as a result they have no idea of winning. They fail to claim the prize in time […]

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EuroMillions Raffle winner decided to retire a bit earlier

For many people, the dream of winning the EuroMillions Raffle or any other major lottery pretty much involves the plan of not working a single day in their lives. It makes perfect sense to lose any motivation when you have so much money in your bank account, but then again there are exceptions to the […]

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79-year-old man becomes the 82nd New York lottery millionaire in 2013

When he fled Cuba forty years ago, Antonio Iglesias had high expectations and dreamed of building a better future for himself and his family. It was not easy, to make it this far and he had no intention of squandering the opportunity he was given, so for the next decade he worked hard. Much to […]

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Chilworth couple wins £1m in EuroMillions Raffle

Stuart and Tina Bye can say goodbye to their financial struggles (pun intended) after winning £1m in the EuroMillions Raffle and £2.7 in the traditional lottery. They won both the petty amount and the huge jackpot the same day, with their satisfaction growing exponentially as the small prize was discovered first. What is certain is […]

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Israeli soldier wins NIS 27 million in Mifal Hapayis lottery

The news that the Mifal Hapayis was about to award a record jackpot galvanized players nationwide and the number of purchase tickets exceeded expectations. Everyone was anxiously waiting to find out whether their ticket will match the winning numbers and lottery officials recently announced that the winner is an IDF soldier. He returned home for […]

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Up to 25 years in prison for $5m lottery ticket theft

Lottery players are familiar with the case of the Ashkar brothers who tried to steal a lottery ticket from a winner, when he presented it to them in the convenience store where he bought it. The incident happened almost seven years ago and prosecutors have been trying to prove their guilt ever since, with the […]

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Anel Bajtarevic wins a huge instant prize in Illinois lottery

The Illinois lottery makes millionaires on a weekly basis, but what makes Anel Bajtarevic’s case more interesting is the fact that he became the largest instant lottery prize winner in the state’s history. He was officially presented with a check worth $20.8 million and unlike other lottery prizes, this will be awarded to him in […]

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Lotto Max winner finds time and money for kindness

When lottery players finally win the jackpot, they are dazed with joy and their plans for the future include generous acts. Some of them stick to the plan and actually do the acts of kindness, others forget about them entirely and suddenly turn selfish. To some extent, it is easy to understand why many lottery […]

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Queensbury Powerball syndicate wins $1 million ticket

A waitress and 19 coworkers from the Ninety Nine restaurant in Queensbury New York, decided to pool money together and create a Powerball syndicate. Each of them spent no more than four dollars and acquired a total of 40 Powerball tickets, with one of them making them $1 million richer after the group matched five […]

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