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Time is running out for lottery winner

The difference between being a regular Joe and a millionaire can sometimes be reduced to whether you choose to cash in your prize or not. This is how simple things are right now for someone who added his or her name next to the tens of thousands of lottery winners, but so far has failed […]

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Lucky couple wins lottery jackpot for the second time

Sometimes it is not the size of the jackpot you win when playing the lottery that matters the most, but the manner in which you manage their newfound wealth. For a lucky couple from Phoenix, who won $2.5 millions back in 1995, the solution was straightforward and they chose the annuity without hesitations. Now when […]

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Elderly citizens targeted by the lottery scam artists

Online lotteries are gaining a lot of traction and people from all over the world can compete in draws that are worth millions of dollars, from the comfort of their home. The downside of this technical progress is that the number of lottery scams has dramatically increased, and the perpetrators are constantly targeting the least […]

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Lottery winner’s murder remains unsolved

Tragedy is not very often associated with winning the lottery, as many players turn their lives around and enjoy all the things that they have previously been deprived of. A lottery winner’s murder is an even less frequent event, but unfortunately such a tragedy has recently occurred and the authorities are trying to figure who […]

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Unclaimed Michigan lottery winnings 2012

Detroit is in dire need of a source of funding that doesn’t involve tax dollars, and in 2012 $28 million were collected by the Michigan Lottery after the winners didn’t claim the money. Statistics show that around 2% of all winning tickets remain unclaimed and after they expire the lottery takes the money and uses […]

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Mega Millions winner from Fairfield claims jackpot

It appeared like the $174 thousand prize would go unclaimed and the money would return to the lottery, to be used for good causes. The winner didn’t rush to claim the money and for three months other players were wondering what happened to the winner. Although it was not imminent for the prize to expire, […]

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Lottery prank gains huge traction on Facebook

To say that news travels fast these days would be an understatement, and the best example for lottery fans and players comes from Facebook. Not so long ago, a guy named Daniels bragged about winning the largest Powerball jackpot in history by posting what appeared to be a lottery ticket. Given the fact that everyone […]

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101 million won in Friday`s EuroMillions draw

Since 1994, the EuroMillions has made countless millionaires but it was always around Christmas when the lottery awarded the largest prizes. One of the reasons is that a special Millionaire Raffle draw is held on Christmas Day and one week later, awarding 25 prizes worth one million pounds each. Another way to explain the higher […]

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Don’t miss out on the Christmas Millionaire Raffle 2012

There is good money to be made if you take the time to buy Euromillions tickets this week, because the Christmas Day draw is going to be spectacular. While Europeans are passionate about this continental lotteries, the British players are particularly lucky because they can also compete in the UK Millionaire Raffle. In exchange of […]

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Powerball jackpot winner concerned about the fiscal cliff

Winning the lottery usually means the end of any financial struggles, but some lucky players consider that they still have one more thing to do before they can relax and enjoy their prize. Recently, two Powerball players won the jackpot of $588 million which means that they are entitled to cash in on an amount […]

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